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The Case for Private Charity

Government welfare has not worked. It is time for government to stop middle-manning our generosity and to let private charities solve the problem. Continue reading

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Universal Healthcare – Longer Lines, Higher Costs, Lower Quality

Here’s what happens to simple blood tests under the universal healthcare system in Canada.  You can wait two to three years–seriously–to get the blood test.  Or you can pay $900 (on top of the taxes you already paid for universal healthcare) to … Continue reading


Honor in Healthcare

The Skilled Veterans Corps in Japan is a group of retirees, 60 and older, who have volunteered to take the place of young workers at the site of the catastrophic nuclear meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi plant.  Masaaki Takahashi, a … Continue reading

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POM-pay: FTC Lawsuit Against POM Juice to Censor Health Benefits of Pomegranates

You can’t say pomegranates have health benefits without FDA approval, according to the FDA. What’s next, broccoli? Continue reading

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Life from Death Denied – Why We Should Legalize Organ Selling

The government’s prohibition on organ trading robs the poor of one of their most valuable assets and prevents countless patients from receiving the life-saving transplants that they need. Government, please get out of the way. Continue reading

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