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Mainstream Media Blackout of Ron Paul – Just as We Predicted

In his usual witty form, Jon Stewart exposes the media blackout of Ron Paul.  You can see it here:  Ron Paul Media Blackout. Earlier this year, we warned that this would happen.  So forget the media.  Don’t listen to them.  Ron Paul is … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Says Legalize Heroin

Ron Paul makes the case for legalizing heroin. Continue reading

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Joe Rogan Agrees: We Have Too Many Laws

Joe Rogan might be a bit crude at times, but he speaks plainly and makes the right points.  Too many laws, he says.  That’s our problem.  He leads with a story about a fourth-time drug offender that was put away for … Continue reading

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Hope and Change, for Real this Time

Ron Paul can deliver real hope and change. Let’s not allow the media to tell us otherwise. Continue reading

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Ron Paul to Run for President

Ron Paul has announced that he is forming an exploratory committee to launch his presidential campaign.  Here is a good interview that he gave recently to Sean Hannity.  It would be very hard for Ron Paul to win, but he … Continue reading

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